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Landlocked Island

Shared Joy is Multiplied, Shared Pain Lessened

14 February 1977
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Can a person be summarized by
a series of simple lines?
Is my essence so easy to define?
No. But we must try.

I'm a dreamer, seeking ascension through a winding path of electrons, love, and unrelenting dedication to living. I'm a riot nrrd, a professional programmer, a reformed system-cracker; I knit, I write poetry, I sketch, I paint small metal figures. I grok polyhedrals and polyamory. I own a flogger.

I am worldnamer everywhere. Right now, I'm worldnamer in Boulder, Colorado. I like fierce women and men with beautiful hair. I like people - their stories and hopes and roads taken. I wrote my own web-log software, but cross-post to LiveJournal, Tribe, and MySpace. I'm married. She likes the same kinds of women I do.

My past haunts me and sometimes I get sad. Sometimes I dress in black and wear eye-liner and lipstick and dance until I can cry. Other times I dress in jeans and a Thundercats shirt. I let my shoes die before replacing them, but I buy new shirts every few months.

My name is John. It's nice to meet you.