worldnamer (worldnamer) wrote,

Desktop woes

So, my media computer died on me a few weeks back and I've been trying to get it running since. The floppy drive, the CD drive, the BIOS battery replacement, and the video card all went bad simultaneously. I know what you're thinking because each time I've found a component not working, my incredulity rises. "What are the odds" lately has been met with "never tell me the odds".

Further, I've had to deal with some extra *special* annoyances from having a SATA disk system. All this came about because I wanted to install a SATA CD/DVD burning drive to replace my old IDE 24x CD drive. Admittedly, I knew the system wasn't quite well so I meant to look into the issues while upgrading. Little did I know what a dark spiral this would be.

So, my SATA CD won't detect during POST; that means I can't boot from the CD. My floppy drive is busted so that means I can't boot from the floppy. I've resorted to pulling the IDE CD from my second desktop but I can't re-install from that because I need the SATA drivers for Windows to detect the hard drive and I've got no floppy to read them from. I guess I have to go get another floppy drive.

Ugh. The only good news is that I'm pretty sure the motherboard/CPU/HD/Memory aren't dead. But with things going the way they have, I'm continually skeptical of how long that will remain true.
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