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Desktop woes

So, my media computer died on me a few weeks back and I've been trying to get it running since. The floppy drive, the CD drive, the BIOS battery replacement, and the video card all went bad simultaneously. I know what you're thinking because each time I've found a component not working, my incredulity rises. "What are the odds" lately has been met with "never tell me the odds".

Further, I've had to deal with some extra *special* annoyances from having a SATA disk system. All this came about because I wanted to install a SATA CD/DVD burning drive to replace my old IDE 24x CD drive. Admittedly, I knew the system wasn't quite well so I meant to look into the issues while upgrading. Little did I know what a dark spiral this would be.

So, my SATA CD won't detect during POST; that means I can't boot from the CD. My floppy drive is busted so that means I can't boot from the floppy. I've resorted to pulling the IDE CD from my second desktop but I can't re-install from that because I need the SATA drivers for Windows to detect the hard drive and I've got no floppy to read them from. I guess I have to go get another floppy drive.

Ugh. The only good news is that I'm pretty sure the motherboard/CPU/HD/Memory aren't dead. But with things going the way they have, I'm continually skeptical of how long that will remain true.

Iz not so grate, aktually

It's been an exhausting few days, and I've been barely keeping up. Work has been tense lately - there's a looming deadline and too much work to go around. I am working on setting up (con|de)struction, but it's a process I have to feel my way through and it's a lot of work to make real progress. My desktop at home has gone completely non-linear. I managed to clean, and finished my first real Nerf hack, but that blew out the entire evening. I've met an awesome person recently, but I'm also missing some important people. I'm fried.

Now back to worldnamer's regularly scheduled wonderlife.


So for the last few hours, I've been hanging out with my Sister, Niki, and a large contingent of hackers at Hackerbot Labs. The place is FANTASTIC, and I'm inspired to replicate it in Boulder. Odds of success? Low, but high enough to contemplate the attempt.

I've been alternating between fielding phone calls from friends, writing RFID control software, and meeting friends / new people. It's just another subtle reminder that Seattle is full of chunky bits of awesome.

Pictures to follow after I return on the 1st.


So I'm hanging out at the Green Tortoise hostel in Seattle. It has not only free internet access, but also computers that one can jump on in order to take advantage of said access. Not that I don't have my own, but I just woke up and decided this iMac was soooo cuuute. The Green Tortoise is right across the street from Pike Street's Market, which has enough fresh fish to have convinced Niki to wander over there this morning, with hopes of cooking something.

Not sure what today will bring. This morning I woke up to two different couples talking in two different languages - three if you count english. Hopefully tonight I will see kerrizor. Otherwise, plans are pretty slim (for today).

Did I say twice a week?

I've been somewhat scattered lately. I'm working on too many projects at the moment. I'm hacking on an RFID reader, modifying my nerf gun (N-Strike Maverick) and trying to solve the Ironclad v. Juggernaut match up.

Hang on a sec. Nerf war in the office.

Okay, I'm back. Man I need to get some new darts. They keep going missing.

I'm going to Seattle during the last weekend of December. If you're in Seattle, and you want to hang out, contact me and I'll schedule some time to see you.

Ack. Developer meeting. More some other day.


So, Niki and I are flying to Boston tonight to see the wonderful collegecate. AirTran had really great rates, considering I picked up the ticket the day before I was flying. Some would mention the three-hour layover in Atlanta as the reason. Me? I think it's fate.

Meanwhile, I'm out of town from Friday to Monday. E-mail to my suparseekrit address will get to me, but everything else is up to the whims of lady luck and her wireless cadre. I'm on pay-for-access at ATL right now; surprisingly, I can get Vista to connect to that.

On video games: I recently picked up Zack and Wiki for the Wii. I'm rapidly getting to the point of only considering picking up Wii games; the game play is always superior, and the motion sensing controls are really fun. This game is particularly so, and uses the Wiimote's speaker in addition to the game's sound effects to add even more fun.

Work's still as dodgy as ever, but without the fear of lay-offs. I actually feel like the people who are running the show have a vague sense of how to run a business, though I don't yet feel like they know how to run this business. As far as the projects go, I'm scheduled to have code go live in a month or so, with code freeze over my vacation. I'm looking forward to it.

Oh, and our flight out of Atlanta has been delayed. Perfect. Here's hoping this "per day" access fee doesn't become spontaneously economical.

From the Halls of Heros

I am finally back from my trip, and it's a bit overwhelming to recap it all in one go. Therefore, this is basically just a placeholder to let everyone know I've returned home safely and happily. Many thanks to Brian, collegecate, dragonladyflame, Dustin, Jason, Mike, Neil, and all the other awesome people I hung out with at the con for making the event so wonderful. I'll enumerate the things I did at some point. Expect a lot of traffic on my Flickr account in the coming week.

Chicago, Qubya (Bowers House), and Lake Michigan

Well, here I am in Chicago! I've been here approximately two days (including the day I flew in and arrived at around 11 PM.) So far, I've been impressed. I know Chicago is a big city, but people here seem relatively open and friendly. That evening was spent moving dragonladyflame's stuff from her old room to a new room that she'd just finished painting. I have pictures that I'll upload as soon as I have real access. Right now I'm using the internet from the Bower's house computer in the public room.

Yesterday, dragonladyflame and I spent most of the day hanging around. We wandered around, and eventually she, I, her friend Mercedes, and Mercedes' boy (whose name I regrettably do not remember) went swimming in Lake Michigan. I borrowed some makeshift pants for a swimsuit, which were awkward, but serviceable. Then dragonladyflame took me by her infamous bookstore, where I put a Go book on hold. Then we ate dinner at the Medici, which was delicious.

Today, I haven't a clue what we're doing. Current hypothesis is that it may involve the new movie, or clubbing, or both. This might be a good time to point out that those who are really interested in the microevents of my life could sign up for twitter to receive that source as well. My IM has been a bit sketchy, so if you've tried to talk to be via that, I apologize for my inconsistency.

Later posts will include more complete thoughts of the co-op, of Chicago, and perhaps pictures. In other words, hold your breath.

News from the World

This post is not on my main web-site (worldnamer.com) as that one is currently in technical limbo. Further 'log entries will be posted to LiveJournal, Tribe, and MySpace while that's in stasis.

Also, I'm leaving on vacation Friday, August 10th, for Chicago. There I'll find the fascinating dragonladyflame and her hippie commune, which I will experience in full until Wednesday. On that fateful day, I'll be shipping off to Indianapolis for Gen Con. Yes, there will be full coverage. Yes, there will be photos. Yes, there will be the wonderful splendor of the viking queen collegecate.

In the mean time, I need to produce a java service, pack, go see a Rush concert, see mollybzz for the last time until at least next year, get maps and other data in order, and try ever so slightly to sleep the absolute minimum amount required not to endanger anyone.

No problem.

Update 0xf37abb

Today I'm pleasently sore after a somewhat exhausting weekend. Also, there are no signs of the week ahead being any less filled. Let me lay it out there:

On Friday, Niki, Dave, Elena, and I went to the 29th Street Mall for their Music With A View [PDF] concert. Henry Butler kicked out the jams on the keyboard. I picked up a copy of issues of the Hikaru No Go manga and special ordered a DVD of the anime. It's stupid good, as Kevin likes to say, so if you're in the mood for a new series, definitely give this one a try.

Saturday, Niki and I woke up early to hit the Farmer's Market. We ate breakfast at Le Peeps, then booked it down to Littleton where Niki's computer was being held by a computer store she had originally acquired it from. After picking it back up, we went back to Boulder to pick up the illustrious 8itt3r5wee7, whom we escorted to Waterworld. Dave, Elena, and mollybzz all came with, so it was the six of us. I never knew exactly how much effort is involved in carrying a tube up a hill. We had tons of fun, and in the evening, I went over to Dave's and played several brilliant games of chess.

The next day, I was achey. I slept in until about noon, and then Niki and I went out for lunch. Afterwards, we went to the library, where there was a beginner's/children's Go class, and Niki and I both played. It was very instructive. I saw a former co-worker who was also playing and said hi, and Molly dropped by, which was also nice. Niki and I then left to attend swing dancing lessons at the Mercury Cafe but we were both a few minutes late and a few dollars short. We hit the 16th street mall and staked out a table outside Peet's Coffee and Tea - the people in that store were really friendly - and we played a rousing game of Go. Later in the evening, we went to City, O' City and had amazing pizza with Organic crust. Apparently they also had the technology to make that pizza vegan-friendly, but we declined, prefering our cheese.

I brought Niki with me to the work area today as she's getting her mad pilot skillz worked on. We'll be doing lunch together. Later today I'll get to see Molly. Tomorrow, there will be new Dr. Who to watch. My time-line is continually being filled with wonderful events. Hopefully I can keep up!